Hi! I’m Kareem, and I’m a software engineer who’s passionate about distributed systems, infrastructure, and machine learning. In March 2018, I’m starting my first job as a software engineer at Coinbase in infrastructure. Right now, we’re mostly focused on security and scalability – the bane of cryptocurrency startups is getting hacked, so priority #1 is to avoid that, and become the most trusted wallet and exchange for cryptocurrencies.

In the past, I interned at Apple twice. Once on Xcode, where I worked on project search speed (my work got presented at WWDC 2017 – Platforms State of the Union at around 30:18). The second time I worked on System Applications, where I shipped a new UI feature for the next macOS release in 2018, and built a multi-node CI build pipeline for the team using Jenkins and Python.

I’ve also interned at Leanplum on the infrastructure team, where I worked on some map reduce projects, auto scaling and load balancing, and Redis Cluster deployed on Kubernetes. That summer, I was also a KPCB Fellow, one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.

In my free time, I like to work on my own projects and other open source projects. The project I am most proud of is my Intel 8080 emulator, which is a microprocessor I built in C that can run Space Invaders.

Check out my github, I’m always working on cool distributed systems and machine learning projects!