Hi! I’m Kareem, a software engineer who’s passionate about and experienced in infrastructure, security, and machine learning. I am currently a software engineer on the infrastructure team at Coinbase. We solve novel problems with blockchain infrastructure, automation, deploys, and we help the engineering org use our self-service infrastructure developer tools to become as autonomous as possible.

I enjoy working on large scale engineering problems with big impact. In specific, I love figuring out how to architect and successfully deploy infrastructure that is highly scalable, reliable, secure, and of course, maintainable. Without great infrastructure, you cannot scale well, and that is something I care deeply about.

I’m excited about working on new, high impact problems with other highly motivated people. I also love working on my own projects, which span a wide variety of topics, but they mostly evolve around infrastructure and scaling solutions for emerging technologies. I plan to go to YCombinator with one of my projects in the next few years. Right now I am mostly keeping a close eye on the blockchain space, but am also interested in self-driving cars and AR.

Check out my github – and email me if you are interested in collaborating!